Asia Bible Commentary Series

Biblical Studies in Asian Context

This series of commentaries on all the books of the Old and New Testament is designed to enable readers to understand the Scriptures in their own context and to interpret and apply them to the plurality of Asian cultures in which they live and work.The series is designed for use by pastors in their expository ministry of preaching, teaching, and counseling, by teachers and students in their theological studies, and by men and women who lead small groups in churches and homes.
Asia Bible Commentaries
US$192 set of 18 vols.
by Low Chai-Hok & Bruce Nicholls
Price: US$12
Gospel According to Mark
by Tan Kim Huat
Price: US$12
Ezra & Nehemiah
by Joseph Shao & Rosa Chung Shao
Price: US$10
Gospel According to John
by Jey Kanagaraj & Ian Kemp
Price: US$10
by Mona P. Bias & Larry J. Waters
Price: US$12
by Robert Shade & Bruce Nicholls
Price: US$10
Psalms 1-72
by Federico Villanueva & Joseph Shao
Price: US$12
by Andrew Spurgeon & Chiu
Price: US$12
Psalms 73-150
by Shirley Ho & Feng Yi Lin
Price: US$12
by Brian Wintle & Ken Gnanakan
Price: US$10
Song of Songs
by Andrew Hwang & Samuel Goh
Price: US$10
Colossians & Philemon
by Bruce Nicholls & Brian Wintle
Price: US$10
by Tim Meadowcroft & Nate Irwin
Price: US$10
1 Timothy
by Paul Trebilco & Simon Rae
Price: US$10
by Salim Munayer
Price: US$10
2 Timothy & Titus
by Paul Trebilco, Chris Carradus & Simon Rae
Price: US$10
Joel, Nahum & Malachi
by Joseph Shao & Rosa Shao
Price: US$10
1 Peter
by Greg Forbes & Jason Lim
Price: US$10


Published by Langham Global Library in partnership with the Asia Theological Association

1, 2, 3 John

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Psalms 1–72

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