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Dr. Takanori Kobayashi
Dr. Takanori Kobayashi Chairperson
President, Tokyo Christian University
 Dr. Theresa Lua
Dr. Theresa Lua General Secretary
Dr. Andreas Himawan
Dr. Andreas Himawan Vice Chairman
President, Amanat Agung Theological Seminary
Dr. Jung Sook Lee
Dr. Jung Sook Lee Secretary
South Korea
President, Torch Trinity Graduate University
Dr. Jangmook Manoch
Dr. Jangmook Manoch Treasurer
President, Bangkok Bible Seminary
Dr. Young Ook Kim
Dr. Young Ook Kim Member (Chairman, ATA Korea)
South Korea
President, Asian Center for Theological Studies and Missions
Dr. Shekhar Singh
Dr. Shekhar SinghMember (Chairman, ATA India)
President, Union Biblical Seminary
Prof. Ronnie Poon
Prof. Ronnie Poon Chairman, CAED
Hong Kong
Academic Dean, Alliance Bible Seminary
Dr. Makito Masaki
Dr. Makito Masaki Presiding Dean, AGST Council
President, Kobe Lutheran Theological Seminary
Dr. Andrew Spurgeon
Dr. Andrew Spurgeon Chairman, Publications Committee
NT Professor, East Asia School of Theology,
Dr. Clement Chia
Dr. Clement ChiaMember
President, Singapore Bible College

Dr. Luke Cheung
Dr. Luke Cheung Member
Hong Kong
Vice President, China Graduate School of Theology

Dr. Lee-Shen Tsai
Dr. Lee-Shen TsaiMember
President, China Evangelical Seminary

Dr. In-Sub Ahn
Dr. In-Sub AhnMember
South Korea
Director, RTRC of Chongshin University and Theological Seminary