Lutheran Theological Seminary

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Project Description

 50 To Fung Shan Road, Shatin, N.T. Hongkong

Membership Status: Accredited Member

Telephone: 852-2691-1520
Fax: 852-2691-8458 (Fax)

President: Dr. Simon Chow
Academic Dean : Dr. Nicholas Tai
Associate Dean: Dr. Gabriele Hoerschelmann

Period of Accreditation: 2012-2017
Accredited Programs:
Diploma in Theological Studies (Dip.T.S.)
Diploma of Theological Librarianship (Dip.T.L.)
Graduate Diploma (Grad.Dip.)
Bachelor of Theology (B.Th.)
Bachelor of Christian Education (B.C.E.)
Master of Divinity with Baccalaureate Degree (M.Div.3-yr)
Master of Divinity with Theological Degree (M.Div.2-yr)
Master of Arts in Theology (M.A.2-yr)
Master of Arts (M.A.1-yr) in Lutheran Studies
Master of Theology (M.Th.)
Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.)
Doctor of Theology (D.Th.)

Theological Education by Extension:
Associate Degree in Christian Studies (A.C.S.)
Master of Christian Studies (M.C.S.)
Certificate in Theology for Lay Leadership (TEECERT)
Diploma in Theology for Lay Leadership (TEEDIP)
High-Diploma in Theology for Lay Leadership (TEEHDIP)