Project Description

9-15 Adam Road, Singapore 289886

Telephone: 65-6559-1555
Fax: 65-6559-1550 (Fax)

Principal: Dr. Michael Shen (Interim Principal)
Dean: Dr. Clive Chin (Interim Dean)
Dean: Dr. Clement Chia (School of Theology, Chinese)

Period of Accreditation: 2011-2016
Accredited Programs:
Diploma in Theology (English and Chinese), Bachelor of Theology (English and Chinese)
Master of Divinity (English and Chinese), Master of Arts (Biblical Studies in English), Graduate Diploma in Christian Studies(Chinese), Master of Arts (Chinese), Graduate Diploma in Christian Studies (English), Graduate Diploma in Intercultural Studies (English), Master of Arts in Theological Studies (English), Master of Arts in Christian Education (English), Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies (English), Master of Arts in Pastoral Counseling (English), Master of Theology (English), Master of Theology (Chinese),