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Visit to Global Mission Seminary

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The VET consisting of Dr. Joseph Shao, ATA General Secretary; Dr. Theresa Lua, CAED Secretary; and Mr. Percy Deng, Overseas Council Regional Director visited Global Mission Seminary (GMS) in Irvine, California on October 1-3, 2015. Several days after this visit, Mr. Percy Deng visited the GMS centers in Moscow on October 12-17. An earlier VET visit was made in Yangon Campus in Myanmar last July 28, 2015 by Rev. San Cung Nung, President of Myanmar Evangelical Graduate School of Theology (MEGST) and Dr. CK Hrang Tiam, Academic Dean of MEGST.

Global Life Enrichment Centre (GLEC) established GMS as its education arm. GLEC started its training ministry in 2002 to help address shortage of pastors in the mission fields. It was formerly known as Global Enrichment Theological Seminary (GETS) with focus in Eastern Europe and has four campuses at different times. In 2009 GETS branched out from GLEC due to different ministry directions. The parting of ways was done amicably. GETS took over the training programs in Italy, France, Spain, Germany, and England. GMS kept the training programs in Russia and Myanmar. GLEC redefined its goals and changed the name of its training arm to Global Mission Seminary in 2013. The two seminaries have their own mission focus and maintain a good relationship.

GMS has four campuses in Russia and Myanmar namely, Moscow campus (started in 2003), Yekaterinburg campus (started in 2013), Blagoveshshensk campus (started in 2013), and Yangon campus (started in 2004 by another mission group but became part of GMS in 2007). GMS offers Certificate in Lay Ministry, Diploma in Pastoral Ministry, Master of Arts in Christian Studies, and Bachelor of Arts in Theology.

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