Visit to Holy Light Theological Seminary

/Visit to Holy Light Theological Seminary

Visit to Holy Light Theological Seminary


The Visiting Evaluation Team (VET) consisting of Dr. Theresa Lua, ATA CAED Secretary; Dr. Clive Chin, Academic Dean, Singapore Bible College; and Dr. James Wu, Academic Dean and Acting President, Methodist Graduate School of Theology, Taiwan visited Holy Light Theological Seminary (HLTS) in Kaoshiung, Taiwan on November 19-21, 2015.

HLTS belongs to the Free Methodist Church. It was established in 1955 through Rev. James H. Taylor, II. This year the institution celebrated its 60th anniversary. The school trains Christian ministers to correctly handle and preach the gospel of truth and lead believers to live a life of holiness. It also trains church leaders to work together with their pastors for effective church growth and expansion. HLTS also strengthens the Chinese Christian church for the purpose of working together to spread the gospel to the un-evangelized parts of the world. The school offers Master of Arts in Biblical Studies, Master of Arts in Christian Studies, and Master of Divinity. Aside from its academic degree programs, the seminary is also offering a non-degree program through its Continuing Education Centre. With around 500 attendees a year, the program serves as a bridge between the seminary and the churches.

HLTS is seeking for recognition from the Ministry of Education. To meet the government requirement, the seminary purchased 8.2 hectares of land located in Shanlin District which is about 44 km away from the current campus.

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