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The Asia Theological Association (ATA) is a body of theological institutions, committed to evangelical faith and scholarship, networking together to serve the Church in equipping the people of God for the mission of the Lord Jesus Christ.


The ATA is committed to serving its members in the development of evangelical, biblical theology by strengthening interaction, enhancing scholarship, promoting academic excellence, fostering spiritual and ministerial formation and mobilizing resources to fulfill God’s global mission within diverse Asian cultures.

ATA Services

ATA seeks to facilitate the improvement of the quality of educational programs of its members through accreditation of programs, whether residential, extension, and other combination of systems. A manual is available for anyone interested.
As an educational development agency, ATA seeks to facilitate consultancy services.
As a result of ATA’s vision to provide relevant education for Asians, the Asia Graduate School of Theology was conceived. AGST is a consortium of accredited institutions that offers advanced theological degrees. A program is usually hosted by one of the institutions, but all participating institutions make their resources-faculty, facilities, library, etc. available for the various programs.
Producing resources for pastors, Christian leaders, cross-cultural workers, and students in Asia that are biblical, pastoral, contextual, missional, and prophetic.


Affirming our mission and commitment, ATA seeks to:

  • Strengthen interaction through inter-institutional fellowship and programs, regional and continental activities, faculty and student exchange programs.
  • Enhance scholarship through consultations, workshops, seminars, publications, and research fellowships.
  • Promote academic excellence through accreditation standards, faculty and curriculum development.
  • Foster spiritual and ministerial formation by providing mentor models, encouraging the development of ministerial skills and a Christian ethos.
  • Mobilize resources through library development, information technology and infra-structural development.