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A hundred year ago, 70 percent of Christians lived in the West. Now the map of Christianity is evenly distributed. This has implications for doing theology, biblical interpretation, and thinking about the Christian life in Asia. In the past, this was done mostly, if not entirely, by western scholars. This made sense, since majority of Christians used to live in the West. But now, in the light of global Christianity, there ought to be a shift in the way theology or biblical interpretation is done. Those in Asia and other parts of the majority world ought to be the ones doing biblical interpretation for their own contexts. As Andrew Walls pronounces: “the faith of the twenty-first century will require a devout, vigorous scholarship rooted in the soil of Africa, Asia, and Latin America.”

Unfortunately, it’s mostly writings by Western scholars that continue to dominate much of Asian religious writings. Hwa Yung confesses: “Up to this point, comparatively little has been produced in terms of authentic Asian theological thinking that addresses directly and powerfully the big questions posed by culture and context in Asia.” ATA Publications seeks to address this need by publishing commentaries (Asia Bible Commentary), books (e.g. Tending the Seedbeds), and journals (Journal of Asian Evangelical Theology and Journal of Asian Mission) from the Asian perspective. For instance, what makes our commentaries unique is that they are written deliberately with the Asian context in view. Asian writers try to relate the Bible to their respective contexts using their own stories, parables, proverbs, etc. The result is not only relevant and enriching for Asian readers; it also provides a great contribution to the wider global Christian community.

 Dr. Fererico Villanueva
Dr. Fererico VillanuevaPublications Secretary and Asia Bible Commentary Series, General Editor

Asia Bible Commentary Series

The Asia Bible Commentary series empowers Christian believers in Asia to read the Bible from within their respective contexts. Holistic in its approach to the text, each exposition of the biblical books combines exegesis and application. The ultimate goal is to strengthen the Body of Christ in Asia by Asia providing pastoral and contextual exposition of every book of the Bible.

New Volumes

Published by Langham Global Library in partnership with the Asia Theological Association


1, 2, 3 John

Gilbert Soo Hoo with Pervaiz Sultan
ISBN: 9781783688654


Electronic Kindle version available from Amazon



Athena E. Gorospe with Charles R. Ringma
ISBN: 9781783688678


Electronic Kindle version available from Amazon



Federico Villanueva
ISBN: 9781783681914


Electronic Kindle version available from Amazon


Psalms 1–72

Federico Villanueva
ISBN: 9781783688654


Electronic Kindle version available from Amazon


Samson L. Uytanlet
with Kiem-Kiok Kwa
ISBN: 9781783681716


Electronic Kindle version available from Amazon



Monograph 1
by Gyoji Nabetani
Price: US$7


Monograph 3
by Benjamin Pwee
Price: US$5


  • The Message of Isaiah: A Study of Text Itself


  • Is There Hope for Planet Earth?


  • Globalization and its Impact on the Church in Asia Today

ATA Books

Light for Our Path

Edited by
Bruce Nicholls, Julie Belding
and Joseph Shao

Price: US$12

leadership in an age of turmoil front cover-small

Edited by
Julie Belding, Bruce Nicholls,
Joseph Shao and Theresa Roco-Lua

Price: US$10


Edited by Bruce Nicholls, Theresa Roco Lua & Julie Belding
Price: US$14

by Bong Rin Ro, Ken Gnanakan,
Bruce Nicholls & Joseph Shao

Price US$10

Christologies, Cultures, and Religions
Edited by Pascall Bazzell and Aldrin Peñamora.

Price US$10

Papers presented at the First Theological Forum of Mindanao (2014). Inter-religious and inter-cultural perspectives on how we view and understand Christ.

Edited by Federico G. Villanueva and Stephen T. Pardue

Price: $12.00

The articles in this text were presented at the 2014 ATA Theological Consultation hosted by Asian Center for Theological Studies and Mission, South Korea

DSC_0674 (640x419)


Journal of Asian EJAETvangelical Theology

Dr. George W. Harper, Philippines

The Journal of Asian Evangelical Theology is published semiannually by:
Asia Theological Association
c/o Asia Graduate School of
54 Scout Madrinan St.
Quezon City 1103, Philippines

Rates: Free to all Asia Theological Association member institutions.


JAM 13 no 1 001Journal of Asian Mission

The Journal of Asian Mission is published twice per year (May and October) by Asia Graduate School of Theology-Philippines, 54 Scout Madrinan, 1103 Quezon City, Philippines. Views expressed in the Journal reflect those of the authors and reviewers, and not views of the editors, the publisher, its member schools or the partner institutions.

The Journal of Asian Mission seeks to provide a forum to assess theories and practices of mission applied in the past or proposed for the future, and to encourage reflective thinking among Christian leaders training Asians for missionary task and those working toward the evangelization of Asia. Past issues of the JAM can also be found at


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