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As an educational development agency, ATA seeks to facilitate the following consultancy services:

1. Organizational Structure has to do with developing school structures and cultures that best facilitate the formation of Christian ministers. ATA may be requested to coach schools through this process of institutional renewal and organizational change.

2. Curricula and Program Development are more than the arrangement of courses and the shaping of syllabi. The objective is to develop a comprehensive program relevant to the lives and ministries of students. ATA may be requested to assist faculty of the various disciplines in updating and expanding curricula.

3. Vision is essential if schools are serious about relevant ministries. ATA may be requested to guide participants through a strategic planning cycle for their institution.

4. Library Development involves both policies guiding management and acquisitions as well as personnel development for the efficient operation of library resources. ATA may be requested to help by examining libraries, conferring with librarians and making recommendations for development.

5. Faculty Development recognizes that teachers are the greatest resource of the school. ATA may be requested to confer with the faculty and Dean and make recommendations for faculty development programs and policies.

6. Governance has to do with the exercise of authority and control and the system whereby authority are control are distributed. ATA may be requested to work with the Board and CEO in shaping patterns of governance for school development.

7. Finance ties directly to good stewardship. The objective is to review and improve the financial management and capacity of the organization. ATA may be requested to work with the school’s business office in reviewing and developing practices of financial stewardship.

8. Leadership Development for the church is a principal aim of theological education. ATA may be requested to provide guidance for faculty and administration in addressing principles of leadership development through modeling, mentoring, coursework, internship, and other curricular activities.

9. Teaching Methodologies shape the learning experience. ATA may be requested to lead a seminar or clinic to improve teaching methodologies and to establishing ongoing peer-based, in-service teacher development programs.

10. Self-reliance and Interdependence involve two forms of capacity building in institutions. ATA may be requested to help the school explore fund raising and communication strategies as well as possibilities for alliances and networks.