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Asia Theological Association (ATA) is composed of theological educational institutions, committed to evangelical faith and scholarship, which are networking together, to serve the Church in equipping the people of God for the mission of the Lord Jesus Christ.

ATA was established in 1970 as a direct outcome of the need expressed at several Asia wide conferences and consultations. Since then, it has grown into a movement committed to serving its members in the development of evangelical biblical theology by strengthening interaction, enhancing scholarship, promoting academic excellence, fostering spiritual and ministerial formation, and mobilizing resources to fulfill God’s global mission within diverse Asian cultures.

ATA is a founding member of the The International Council for Evangelical Theological Education (ICETE ).

Quality Assurance Affiliations:

Intermediate Member:

What is ATA? What do we do?
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Commission on Accreditation and Educational Development (CAED)


ATA seeks to facilitate the improvement of the quality of educational programs of its members through accreditation of programs, whether residential, extension, and other combination of systems. A manual is available for anyone interested.


As an educational development agency, ATA seeks to facilitate consultancy services.


As an educational development agency, ATA seeks to facilitate consultancy services.


Especially designed for readers in Asia, South Pacific and West Asia


Asia Bible Commentary Series, Monographs, Journals and books from ATA Theological Consultations.


As a result of ATA’s vision to provide relevant education for Asians, the AGST was conceived.

Asia Graduate School of Theology

AGST is a consortium of accredited institutions that offers advanced theological degrees. A program is usually hosted by one of the institutions, but all participating institutions make their resources-faculty, facilities, library, etc. available for the various programs.
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ATA Membership

We now have 308 member institutions from 35 nations across Asia, South Pacific and West Asia (Middle East).

There are two types of membership in ATA, which are:

An Associate Member is a theological educational institution serving Asians, which abides by the World Evangelical Fellowship Statement of Faith.

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An Accredited Member is a theological educational institution that has programs accredited by ATA. Associate members are encouraged to later become accredited members. Over 90% of ATA members are accredited members. Both associate and accredited members pay an annual membership fees.

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ATA Publications

Producing resources for pastors, Christian leaders, cross-cultural workers, and students in Asia that are biblical, pastoral, contextual, missional, and prophetic.

          A hundred year ago, 70 percent of Christians lived in the West. Now the map of Christianity is evenly distributed. This has implications for doing theology, biblical interpretation, and thinking about the Christian life in Asia. In the past, this was done mostly, if not entirely, by western scholars. This made sense, since majority of Christians used to live in the West. But now, in the light of global Christianity, there ought to be a shift in the way theology or biblical interpretation is done. Those in Asia and other parts of the majority world ought to be the ones doing biblical interpretation for their own contexts. As Andrew Walls pronounces: “the faith of the twenty-first century will require a devout, vigorous scholarship rooted in the soil of Africa, Asia, and Latin America.”

          Unfortunately, it’s mostly writings by Western scholars that continue to dominate much of Asian religious writings. Hwa Yung confesses: “Up to this point, comparatively little has been produced in terms of authentic Asian theological thinking that addresses directly and powerfully the big questions posed by culture and context in Asia.” ATA Publications seeks to address this need by publishing commentaries (Asia Bible Commentary), books (e.g. Tending the Seedbeds), and journals (Journal of Asian Evangelical Theology and Journal of Asian Mission) from the Asian perspective. For instance, what makes our commentaries unique is that they are written deliberately with the Asian context in view. Asian writers try to relate the Bible to their respective contexts using their own stories, parables, proverbs, etc. The result is not only relevant and enriching for Asian readers; it also provides a great contribution to the wider global Christian community.

Dr. Federico Villanueva
Dr. Federico Villanueva Publications Secretary and Asia Bible Commentary Series, General Editor


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Honoring God through Twenty Years of Serving ATA

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By Dr. Joseph Shao, ATA General Secretary             We thank God for guiding the ATA to another significant year of impact in theological education. With 300 members now in 34 nations, churches are stronger with healthy theological colleges and seminaries. Our horizons continue to expand with the additional enquiries and applications from Asian diaspora communities. We thank God for our participatory Board, with effective Associate Secretaries and efficient staff in carrying God’s assigned tas [...]

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Concluding Message of the Global Forum of Theological Educators (GFTE)

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We, 86 theological educators, give thanks to God for the first meeting of the Global Forum of Theological Educators (GFTE), which met on May 16-20, 2016 at the Ferienstätte Dorfweil, Schmitten (near Frankfurt). We are grateful to the organizers for their bold vision and careful planning for this exceptional new global forum. The GFTE’s composition is unique: for the first time, key theological educators from the six major church confessional families – Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Protestant, Evang [...]

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